Build On Your Lot

The Process

Building on your own lot will entail more steps and a longer timeframe than building a home in one of our communities, but it will be a memorable and rewarding experience.

Below, we outline this process to build a home on your own lot. Of course, each situation will be unique so there may be additional steps.

Do You Already Own Your Land?

Do you own land or a lot? We will want to look at it to determine if it has all the qualities needed to build a home upon. Or, do you need help in finding land to build your home? We will set up an exploratory meeting with you to discuss your situation.

Select Your Home Plan

We would prefer to build one of our home plans on your land. But, if you have a custom or special home plan that you would like us to build, we can work up a quote for you on building that home. On our plans, we already know the base price of the home.

Secure Your Financing

Your immediate next step is to get pre-qualified or, better yet, pre-approved for a mortgage loan. This is a preliminary step to getting a construction loan. Once you have been pre-qualified, then we will help you work with one of our lenders who specialize in construction loans.

When you want to build on your own land, you will need a two-step loan process called a "construction perm" loan. This is the most popular way to finance the building of a home on your own lot.

With a construction perm loan, you will have one closing but two different loans. The first loan is for the construction phase. The second loan is your final mortgage loan.

The lender will have you close on the construction perm before construction begins because the builder will then take draws at each stage of the building process. When the home is completed, then you will have a loan modification meeting where the construction loan is converted to a permanent mortgage.

The lender will explain all the details and what you may or may not need in reserves or downpayment. We will also assist you and guide you during this process.

Construction Begins

Once the financing is secured, then the permitting, site preparation, and actual construction process will begin and follow our normal building process.

See "The Construction Process" outlined in our Homebuyers Toolkit on this website.